Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, we are in the Greater Kansas City Metro Area. 

ListPro uses a call center just like nearly all the other real estate companies do. You will be able to customize the times, the communication methods (text, email, phone call), and give special instructions. Buyer agents will accompany the Buyer for the showings and gain access through an IBox. 

No, you do not. The Broker Price Opinion is provided by our experienced local team members. This price opinion is for your reference and not meant to sway you to reduce your price. It gives you a snapshot of homes that have sold in the last year that had similar attributes (floorplan, sq ft, quality, amenities, etc.). The price opinion is one data point of many when selling your property, so you choose the listing price of your property. The Broker Price Opinion gives guidance, but is more of a resource to the client and for the ListPro Team and Broker as we make recommendations at later dates. 

See sample pages of a Broker Price Opinion below. 

Your ListPro agent will present all offers and provide trusted advice and arm’s length negotiations. This is the part where experience, expertise, and extreme diligence are critical. This is your Realtor’s  most vital role in the selling process. You will be in good hands! 

We market your property and provide listing services. We use specialists for every part of the transaction. Once the property is on the market, Sellers will receive reports, tips, advice, and will have access to ListPro 7 days a week. Bill and Hillory are brokers with great experience and will be available. If the property is not selling, there is always a reason why, and we will help identify the reason(s).

We are data driven and have many automated processes so our sellers receive more reports and data than they would from a typical Realtor. We are extremely accessible but are as efficient as possible to be able save you money with a reduced commission, so we provide most of our services via phone, email, and text

Our agents contact the seller continually with automatic emails as to comparable homes that go on the market (Active) and homes that go under contract (Pending) giving the seller real-time updates in this dynamic market.

Weekly reports are sent to the seller with regard to insights, statistics, and recommendations. Click each to zoom.