No where else will you find our level of experience & local expertise at such incredible savings!

1% ListPro Commission!

when the ListPro Team brings the buyer

1% + 3% = 4% Total Commission

2% ListPro Commission!

when Another Agent brings the buyer

2% + 3% = 5% Total Commission

While we recommend offering a 3% commission to the agent bringing the buyer, Hillory and the ListPro Team save sellers thousands with a reduced commission of 2% on the listing side! No where else will you find the experience, expertise, and extreme diligence that we provide at such a savings

Additionally, when Hillory and the ListPro Team bring the buyer, we discount our commission an additional 1% saving the seller thousands more! Very few agents offer a reduced commission up front like the ListPro Team does, and even fewer discount commissions even more when bringing the buyer. It is our way of thanking the seller for allowing us to list their home. Our company charges a $395 Broker Administrative Commission, but once again this is less than what most companies charge. This is how the ListPro Team rolls…you list with the pros and save!